Types of Systems

DC coupling system

This configuration is ideal for new installation or when there is a need to replace an old existing grid inverter and at the same time with the intention to upgrade the system with energy storage system. A DC coupled hybrid system is simple and more reliable in general compare to an AC coupled hybrid system. Loads need to be separated into common non-critical loads and critical loads. Typical critical loads are lighting, refrigerator, WIFI, computer, etc. Non-critical loads refer to air-conditioning, kitchen appliances, etc.

AC coupling type 1

This configuration integrates energy storage system into the existing solar grid connect system allowing home owners to have full control on the use of the solar energy generated (to sell or to store for self-consumption). Should the existing grid inverter be not performing or working, it can be removed and the PV can be connected to the OPAL Hybrid inverter converting AC coupled to DC coupled system. An external CT need to be added to detect energy flow direction

AC coupling type 2

This AC coupling mode similarly apply to upgrading of the existing solar grid connect system into energy storage system. The existing grid connect inverter AC output to be connected to hybrid inverter. With this arrangement we can ensure that the system will not be in the situation face in the AC coupling type 1 allowing the string inverter output energy to charge the battery