About Energy Storage System Solutions

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About Energy Storage System Solutions

The hybrid solar energy storage system is a combination of solar PV and battery storage designed to save excess solar energy not consume during the day for later use at night or for use when there is a power failure. There are a number of different types of solar systems each with pros and limitations which can affect pricing.

Depending on the situation, system can be design and configured to meet requirement as well as to optimise the life of the system.One need to understand and consider the following:

  • Do you need to plan for a back-up power in the case of power outages?
  • Need to know what is the maximum power that need to deliver?
  • Under what condition and when to draw battery power?
  • Need to know the daily battery usage?
  • What is the maximum power the system needs to deliver?
Probably the best ON/OFF Grid Energy Storage Solutions for both Residential and small commercial applications

OPAL Energy solutions are cost effective for all situation. Unstable grid, different electricity price at different time of the day or in places where electricity price is simply too expensive. OPAL Energy will provide active monitoring of systems performing services. It allows both DC or AC coupling, work with diesel generator and or wind, on and off grid, modular allowing ease of expansion are some of the unique features few could match. All data storage are keep in USA. We want to be able to provide affordable solution all over the world

What contribute to the life span of the energy storage system one need to know?
Lightning issues

It is important especially in places where thunderstorms are frequent. The hybrid inverters though already have lightning protection in place, additional protection will help protect lightning surges that will prolong the inverter life. The battery management system (BMS) is also electronics so are sensitive to lightning surges. Having good lightning protection will benefit the system.

Temperature issues

High heat is bad for electronics and extremely damaging for batteries. Though the inverter and battery enclosure are good for outdoor application, it is best to deploy them in shaded environment avoiding direct sunshine or expose to extreme cold if you want to prolong the life of the inverter and battery. The best temperature for the battery to operate is between 15 to 30 deg.C.

Humidity problem

High humidity is bad for all Lithium batteries as moisture will convert into lithium hydroxide and hydrogen that will result in poorer performance and shorten battery life. It is therefore recommended that the batteries are installed in a well-ventilated place avoiding still high humidity place. Ideally the humidity to be below 60% RH.

Duration of usage

Beside temperature and humidity, battery life span is affected by the rate of charge and discharge. If the charge or discharge rate are very high, the life span of the battery will be shortened. Ideally, we recommend that we charge or discharge at any one time (for residential system, its design not to exceed 0.3C). There is a design life for all batteries, the more cycle we use it means the life of the batteries will reach its life earlier.

Over-charge and over-discharge issue

Over-charge or keeping the battery at 100% charge all the time or having the battery are fully discharge stage 0% are bad for the batteries’ life. Understanding the usage profile will allow one to decide the size of the system. It is always recommended to keep 30% of the battery capacity to keep for power failure use. This way the batteries can provide power in emergency as well as to prolong the life of the batteries.

Wire Connection

Good installation is critical to the system performance and reliability. One common installation error is the connection/termination of all cables. Improper or bad connection/termination could let to arcing and eventually cause fire. It is vital to ensure that all connection/termination are done professionally and re-check during maintenance for better system performance and reliability.